Care Instructions

We recommend washing your bed sheets, including pillowcases, every two weeks. Consider washing your sheets more often if...

- You have eczema or other skin conditions
- You have a pet(s) that sleeps in the bed
- More than one person sleeps in the bed
- You or any other person who sleeps in the bed rarely shower before going to bed
- It's summertime

Laundering Instructions
- DO NOT use fabric softener or bleach
- DO NOT use dryer sheets
- Wash with cool or warm (not hot) water
- If heavily soiled, wash with warm (not hot) water; additionally, use the "pre-wash" option if available on your washing machine
- Wash dark colors separately from light colors
- Tumble dry using low or medium heat (low heat or using a "delicate" setting is preferred)

Additional Laundering Information
- We DO NOT recommend washing with hot water or drying with high heat.
- We DO NOT recommend laundering your sheets with other items, such as clothes, towels, or blankets.
- We recommend using a "gentle" liquid laundry detergent. (We DO NOT recommend using powdered laundry detergent.)